The 7 Best Warming Lubricants to try during Quarantine 2021!

We asked a panel of 3 sex therapists and 2 UCSF doctors for their top picks when it comes to warming lubes.

You hear warming lube, but what does that mean? Aside from the occasional cold lube hitting downstairs lips as you’re getting it in, warming sensations of lube can increase sensitivity & blood flow to your genitals, revving up those nerve endings,  making the area much more responsive to touch. How do you choose the correct warming lube? What are you looking for? Before we get to our personal opinions from our staff & CEO tested:


1. Not Everyone is into warming lubricant. If you happen to be more sensitive than most to lubes, or have conditions like vestibulitis (burning feeling anything is inserted in your vagina), ensure to start your lube adventure with unscented, unflavored neutral lubes and work your way up to warming lubes. Warming lubricants can exacerbate these conditions in some cases.

2. Try Water based warming lubes 1st. Just in case something feels strange, you can simply wash it off with water or damp cloth.

3. Always check ingredients before you buy. Allergies such as glycerine, cinnamon and glucose are ingredients that can be found in some warming lubes, so check before you buy. Lubes with warming properties don’t specifically increase risk of getting an infection, some may contain honey, sugars or glycerin, that may cause yeast infections to occur.

4. Test lube on skin first. Try rubbing a bit on the underside of your forearm first. This is the most common spot where doctors conduct human allergy tests. If that proves to have no discoloration or irritation, apply some to a soft tissue area like your nipple. If no bad reactions or discomfort occur, then you can start playing with it on your genitals. 

6. Have a safe word. If the feeling gets too intense or uncomfortably hot. If you think you're having a reaction to warming lubricant, immediate flushing of the area with warm water and a neutral liquid/bar soap.

If the lubricant is inside you causing discomfort, that is a trickier situation. Douching or flushing the vagina could make it worse, so be cautious before entering. Still attempt all of the above while also introducing a pain reliever to the regime, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen if needed.If issues persist for a few hours or you have vaginal bleeding or discharge please call your doctor for further instructions.

With those specifics hashed out, these are our personal and staff favorites.

Lubricant for Him and Her, K-Y Yours & Mine Couples Lube

K-Y yours+mine couples lubricants: His excites, hers delights, put these two lubes together for a totally new, unexpected and intimate sexual experience

For her: This woman's vaginal lubricant gives her a thrilling tingling sensation and is intended to supplement the body's natural lubrication (purple bottle)

For him: This personal lubricant can provoke an invigorating warming sensation for men (blue bottle)
Ingredients: For her lube is water-based, for him lube is glycerin based
Important information: Please read all label details upon delivery, this product is not compatible with condoms. #1 Lubricant brand: K-Y is the #1 doctor recommended personal lubricant brand in the US based on IQVIA survey among the category of OTC vaginal lubricants and moisturizers


JO H2O Lubricant - Warming

 JO H2O is a water based personal lubricant. The silky smooth, buttery glide supplements the body’s natural lubrication and enhances the pleasures of intimacy. Never sticky or tacky.

JO H2O is compatible with most toy materials, so you can play safely whatever your pleasure.

WARMING: Gently heats on contact and warms with motion, adding a warming sensation and a new dimension to your play

PLANT BASED: Formulated using a purely Palm Oil based glycerin for a natural feel with no artificial ingredients


Astroglide Warming Liquid Water Based Personal Lube

Take charge of your pleasure with the soft, tingling sensation of our invigorating, warming lube formula. Add a playful, warm touch to your most sensitive regions and let the fun begin.

ASTROGLIDE Warming Liquid lubricant is just the right mix of stimulation, arousal, and lubrication to keep the action warm and turned up for hours. This wet, warming lubricant is made with high-quality ingredients to reduce friction and irritation and create a silky smooth, warming sensation. Water-based lubricants are not only easy on skin alleviating friction, but they add fun and excitement to your sexual activity.


Wet Fun Flavors Sexy Strawberry
4 in 1 Warming Lube

What’s the difference between Wet Flavored Lubricant and Wet 4-In-1 Fun Flavors?

Wet Flavored Lubricant have a formula similar to our Wet Water Based Premium Lubricant. They are available in Tropical Explosion, Sexy Strawberry, Popp’n Cherry, Passion Punch, and Juicy Watermelon. Wet 4-In1 Fun Flavors are a Flavored, Warming, Massage Lotion and Lubricant all in one! Both are a great way to enhance oral play. Each formula is colorless, stain-free and sugar-free and it tastes like real fruit with no bitter aftertaste! “Slippery and Sweet” or “Turn Up The Heat”? You decide which formula is right for you!

Does Wet 4-In-1 Fun Flavors contain sugar?

As of September 1, 2006, Wet Fun Flavors are now sugar-free.

What makes Wet 4-In-1 Fun Flavors heat up?

This glycerin based formula reacts with the moisture in your skin creating the warming sensation. Friction and added moisture intensifies the sensation. During very cold times of the year when humidity is low or your skin is very dry, you may experience less warming than in more humid times. Friction and moisture associated with intercourse intensifies the warming sensation. Use a small amount to see if this formula is right for you. Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs. Rinse with mild soap and cool water.

Can I use Wet 4-In-1 Fun Flavors 4-In1 as a Massage Lotion?

Yes! This long-lasting glycerin based formula may be used for a warming sensual massage and its clear, water-based formula won’t stain sheets! It simply Feels Delicious!




K-Y Warming Jelly Personal Lubricant

K-Y Warming Liquid Personal Lubricant adds extra lubrication wherever you want it, plus provides a warming sensation that enhances intimacy for both you and your partner. From the #1 Doctor recommended personal lubricant brand. The natural feel of the lubricating liquid helps you and your partner be closer and makes intimate activities more comfortable and enjoyable for both of you. K-Y Warming Liquid is easy to use, non-greasy, and gentle on even your most sensitive areas.

Compatible with latex condoms only




Doc Johnson Mood Warming Glide Gets Warmer with Motion

Compatible With All Condoms and Toys - Contains Glycerine**

A water-based lube for sensitive users - compatible with all types of condoms and toys, as well as safe for sensitive skin. Use during sex with a partner or while masturbating for comfortable and wet fun. Part of the popular line of Mood Lubes and Glides, Proudly Made in America exclusively by Doc Johnson.



Warm Touch Warming Jelly

Natureplex Warm Touch Warming Jelly creates a gentle warming sensation on contact while helping to enhance intimacy. The greaseless and water soluble formula is also latex compatible.


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